Sep 6 2010

What Makes a Great League? Part 2 - Don't Forget the Details

The details are very important when running a league or tournament.  Sometimes people just fill the league with teams and set the schedule and they feel like their job is done.  It's great that all that is set but don't forget to be around when the league is going on and talk to the players/coaches/parents and find out if they are pleased with how the league is going. 

Find out things like if the referees are showing up at the right time and if they are consistent with their calls.  Make sure that the fields/courts have been properly taken care of.  Have the courts been swept before the games?  There is nothing worse then playing on a slippery court.  It really doesn't take a lot of effort to sweep the floor and it could prevent injuries.  It's also nice to have those non slip sticky mats.  I once played in a basketball league where they didn't even have a descent ball, you had to bring your own.  That just leaves a bad taste in your mouth after you spend the time and money to get a team together.

Make sure your league is using the newest technology.  There is no excuse not to be putting your schedule and scores online these days.  For those who say you don't have the money, will let you do this and more for free. Don't be a league that still posts the standings on a bulletin board outside the gym.  I was in a league that did this a couple years ago and I had to wait a week just to see what happened last week, it was horrible.  People these days are used to seeing everything online and this includes their leagues.  They want to connect to their leagues in a new way.  Make sure you make this a priority. 

If you are using a website other than, make sure they can easily track their stats.  Baseball and softball players love to see their stats and they usually just figure out everything in excel. makes it very easy for you to give them access to do it through the league.  Let them post their stats for everyone to see online and it will figure out their batting average, slugging percent, etc.  It's a lot of fun to compare your stats against everyone else and see where you rank.

Pay attention to the details and I guarantee they will keep signing up.


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